Uthriem Roliri

The Uthriem Roliri is a secretive brotherhood of human woodsmen intent on protecting the wilderness and the wildlife from those who seek to defile it. They worship Siem and consider the Sindarin (elves) to be semi-divine.

The Uthriem Roliri exists only on Hârn. They were founded in the second century TR, seemingly as a reaction to the depredations against “fair and noble life” committed by the Gargun (orcs). The brotherhood has about one hundred members, and prefers to remain a small and select group. Recruitment is generally by birth, although a few outsiders are admitted to the ranks if necessary.

The secretive nature and high wilderness skills of the Uthriem Roliri have caused them to become folk heroes. They are thought of as supernatural beings, credited with defending human villages, caring for sick animals, and saving children and “folk of good heart” lost in the wilds. One example, the tale of Lylanath, tells of a band of four who turned a Gargun swarm away from an isolated village at the cost of their own lives.

The Uthriem Roliri is primarily of Jarin origin, and many members come from the region previously known as Jara, present day Orbaal. The Brotherhood maintains a large elven-style clanhouse in the wilderness in Jara known as Aranwedh.

Uthriem Roliri

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