Located south of Gwaeryn, Aranwedh is a secret lodge of the Uthriem Roliri. Aranwedh is loosely patterned off a Sindarin clan house, albeit larger and with sleeping accommodations. The lodge is several leagues west the nearest major trail, the infrequently traveled Ilvir’s Way, and sits near the Weinwed, a large stream which flows into the Anoth River.

The structure has single floor with a loft comprised of a stone base, with timber, daub and wattle construction. The roof is slate. The building is square, with a large central courtyard. Two simple outbuildings of rough timber house the stables and smithy of the Uthriem Roliri. There are surprisingly few horses stabled here, since members of the brotherhood prefer to travel on foot, and horses require much time and resource to maintain.

Aranwedh is remarkably unfortified. It has narrow glass windows, a rarity, and its single door is made of simple oak. There are no protective walls surrounding the building. Its sole defense is its low profile. The structure is partially built into a low hill, and is screened from nearly all angles by dense copses of Harnic Oak. The Uthriem Roliri are ever vigilant, and carefully patrol the forests around Aranwedh. Any fires for cooking or smithing are kept as smoke-free as possible, and are cleanly doused by smothering when trespassers draw near.

The Uthriem Roliri keep many lodges and hiding places scattered across Harn. Many are called Rola-Taur, and are often abandoned manor houses, hunting lodges, or some other ruin. Aranwedh is one of the largest and most established lodges of the Brotherhood.


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