Hârn: Brotherhood of the Forest

Techen, At Last

Arrive at Moleryn. Practical rather than pretty, along Teb river. Go to Whistler’s Inn. Lots of ginger jokes at Skarl, who doesn’t get them.

Nilem of Baennyr approaches the party, he’s known to be a warden in Southern ?

Nilem asks of we’ve heard of Fanon — Fiachra hasn’t. A Sindarin (elf) that worked with early settlers, a mage. Accepted the rise of man and fall of Sindarin, tried to teach man how to farm as sustainably as possible. Conducted an experiment in a village; imbued an artifact with great power to enchant the land to be even more fertile, so less land would be needed to feed the village and forest would be spared.

Fanon’s Veil prospered. Now known as Broghaul, always seems to fare well and prosper. Uthriem Roliri has been watching over it. For the last two years, nobody from Broghaul has shown up to market, and no news have been heard. We should find out what has happened. Report a message back to Nilem at Whistler’s Inn, either a letter or arrange a meeting.

Set out North-westward, arrive at Coranan (Kuseme), part way with caravan and Master Caliglias of Sleed. Stay in Kuseme, Kuseme-inn. Shop the next day, armor, magic, food, then head out.

2-3 days of travel later continue along the river. The two kingdoms separated by the river do not appear to care about the conflict, river tow-paths go on either side and locals sell their wares without too much worry. 20th of Kelen

Take small sail boat to Techen. We’re supposed to meet litigant Met of Loch. Find his house. Identify ourselves. He has a client, inn-keeper, James, running White Stoat Inn, in Tormau. (Broghaul is along the way.)



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