Hârn: Brotherhood of the Forest

One Night in Taztos

Arrive at Taztos. Uncharacteristically, Master Caliglias of Sleed decides to stay and rest a day, and even pays the caravan commons toll without quibbling.

Other caravans leave, guards change, pretty empty during the day. The soldiers at the fort look tough.

Go forage, see a barrow mound across from artificial island. Find a few more mounds further in the forest, creepier, visibly disturbed.

(Joe’s Character) sees into the past and Lothrim Foulspawner desecrating the barrows.

Find out (David’s Character) is a wizard who can make light from a crystal. Use it to enter the possibly desecrated barrow to see if we can find out what Lothrim was after.

Barbarians since came and raided it as well.

Next room is scarier. Creepy intricate drawings, and three caskets sealed with lead. Engravings created by Lothrim via magic, caskets brought in by him.

(Joe) and (David) go to spend the night studying the crypt. Encounter a force of incoming soldiers on the way. Agrikans escorting a woman, order of 8 demons.

Woman goes into hissy-fit, and hexes the commander of the keep. Skarl warns him, but nothing comes of it.



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