Hârn: Brotherhood of the Forest

Fanon's Veil

Enter the cave. (Fanon’s Cave.) Legend says Fanon went into the cave, and is supposed to come back in the case of need.
Cavern quickly widens into a larger space, in which we encounter 7 little demons, or some kind of demonic gargun. One throws magic, and they all burn/dissolve to dust when killed. Their weapons also rust and are damaged.
Find Jarin inscription and a orange glow. Skarl, Fiachra and Quatain walk into it. The rest follow.
Disoriented in a pink-orangish fog.
Lose sight of all companions, don’t hear anything. Floor is featureless, no longer flag stones as in the original tunnel.
Eventually emerge from fog into another worked tunnel, this one from different stone.
Quatain breaks down locked door, get into a larger chamber, stone becomes natural cavern which branches into three more tunnels.
Go down one tunnel, look into side chamber. Encounter a creature with the torso and legs of a man, great big wings and eagle’s head. It attacks, and the group meets in kind.
After some damage, the creature kneels and becomes ethereal.



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