Hârn: Brotherhood of the Forest


Continue towards Broghaul.
Stop at an inn to ask for directions. (Creek, two logs, go across, take a right. Stay near creek, eventually reaches Broghaul.)
Get to the creek, start following the trail.
Find a village, ringed by hills.
Brown cloud, dust?, hangs over the village. Fields are very underdeveloped.
Run into an Uthriem Roliri knight who also came to investigate. Thinks the village is cursed.
Typically Broghaul’s rulers have been benevolent, so speaking to the lord of the manor might not be a bad idea.
A circle of stunted growth seems to surround the village, might give a clue as to the center / source of the evil.
Find a few bodies, malnourished, just laying around.
See Korvin cast a spell. Telling us that the livestock is very sick, not to touch or eat anything.
Quatain speaks with peasants. “Man came. Children laughed, man got mad, and “stole the soul of the land.””
Go to speak with the lady of the manor.
Woman, 40ish, thin but not emaciated. Tells us that villagers cannot leave.
Panaga asked questions about the land. Average height, jolly face, white hair, brown skin, dark skin, nice robes. Children laughed at him. Standing at the edge of the northernmost field. Spoke with unknown accent. Lifted a wooden staff (dark, old wood) out of the ground. Left by walking up the stream to the north. Path goes to a cave. “Thus I take the soul of your land, and your crops will wither and the earth will become a choking…” and all kinds of nasty stuff.
A year ago someone was sent to the cave, body later found along the bank of the stream.
Land is cursed, and the lady is enchanted, as per Korvin.
Leave Quatain’s horse and most of our rations with the lady.
Creek comes from the cave. Korvin makes light with his symbol, and we enter.



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