Hârn: Brotherhood of the Forest

Fanon's Veil

Enter the cave. (Fanon’s Cave.) Legend says Fanon went into the cave, and is supposed to come back in the case of need.
Cavern quickly widens into a larger space, in which we encounter 7 little demons, or some kind of demonic gargun. One throws magic, and they all burn/dissolve to dust when killed. Their weapons also rust and are damaged.
Find Jarin inscription and a orange glow. Skarl, Fiachra and Quatain walk into it. The rest follow.
Disoriented in a pink-orangish fog.
Lose sight of all companions, don’t hear anything. Floor is featureless, no longer flag stones as in the original tunnel.
Eventually emerge from fog into another worked tunnel, this one from different stone.
Quatain breaks down locked door, get into a larger chamber, stone becomes natural cavern which branches into three more tunnels.
Go down one tunnel, look into side chamber. Encounter a creature with the torso and legs of a man, great big wings and eagle’s head. It attacks, and the group meets in kind.
After some damage, the creature kneels and becomes ethereal.


Continue towards Broghaul.
Stop at an inn to ask for directions. (Creek, two logs, go across, take a right. Stay near creek, eventually reaches Broghaul.)
Get to the creek, start following the trail.
Find a village, ringed by hills.
Brown cloud, dust?, hangs over the village. Fields are very underdeveloped.
Run into an Uthriem Roliri knight who also came to investigate. Thinks the village is cursed.
Typically Broghaul’s rulers have been benevolent, so speaking to the lord of the manor might not be a bad idea.
A circle of stunted growth seems to surround the village, might give a clue as to the center / source of the evil.
Find a few bodies, malnourished, just laying around.
See Korvin cast a spell. Telling us that the livestock is very sick, not to touch or eat anything.
Quatain speaks with peasants. “Man came. Children laughed, man got mad, and “stole the soul of the land.””
Go to speak with the lady of the manor.
Woman, 40ish, thin but not emaciated. Tells us that villagers cannot leave.
Panaga asked questions about the land. Average height, jolly face, white hair, brown skin, dark skin, nice robes. Children laughed at him. Standing at the edge of the northernmost field. Spoke with unknown accent. Lifted a wooden staff (dark, old wood) out of the ground. Left by walking up the stream to the north. Path goes to a cave. “Thus I take the soul of your land, and your crops will wither and the earth will become a choking…” and all kinds of nasty stuff.
A year ago someone was sent to the cave, body later found along the bank of the stream.
Land is cursed, and the lady is enchanted, as per Korvin.
Leave Quatain’s horse and most of our rations with the lady.
Creek comes from the cave. Korvin makes light with his symbol, and we enter.

Techen, At Last

Arrive at Moleryn. Practical rather than pretty, along Teb river. Go to Whistler’s Inn. Lots of ginger jokes at Skarl, who doesn’t get them.

Nilem of Baennyr approaches the party, he’s known to be a warden in Southern ?

Nilem asks of we’ve heard of Fanon — Fiachra hasn’t. A Sindarin (elf) that worked with early settlers, a mage. Accepted the rise of man and fall of Sindarin, tried to teach man how to farm as sustainably as possible. Conducted an experiment in a village; imbued an artifact with great power to enchant the land to be even more fertile, so less land would be needed to feed the village and forest would be spared.

Fanon’s Veil prospered. Now known as Broghaul, always seems to fare well and prosper. Uthriem Roliri has been watching over it. For the last two years, nobody from Broghaul has shown up to market, and no news have been heard. We should find out what has happened. Report a message back to Nilem at Whistler’s Inn, either a letter or arrange a meeting.

Set out North-westward, arrive at Coranan (Kuseme), part way with caravan and Master Caliglias of Sleed. Stay in Kuseme, Kuseme-inn. Shop the next day, armor, magic, food, then head out.

2-3 days of travel later continue along the river. The two kingdoms separated by the river do not appear to care about the conflict, river tow-paths go on either side and locals sell their wares without too much worry. 20th of Kelen

Take small sail boat to Techen. We’re supposed to meet litigant Met of Loch. Find his house. Identify ourselves. He has a client, inn-keeper, James, running White Stoat Inn, in Tormau. (Broghaul is along the way.)

Night of Piety

12th of Kelen

Taztos commander comes to Skarl for help. Fiachra successfully neutralizes the Agrikan curse.

(Dave) and (Joe) return in the morning, having successfully documented the tombs.

The commander returns in the morning. Offers services in return to blessing. (Joe) writes a letter about what they found out about Lothrim to be sent to Trobridge.

Set off again.

Arrive at Anesen. Get beer, camp. Talk with other caravans, get news.

Thieves try to steal cargo at night. Battle ensues. Cargo is recovered.

Travel on some more. Big Siem ritual night.

One Night in Taztos

Arrive at Taztos. Uncharacteristically, Master Caliglias of Sleed decides to stay and rest a day, and even pays the caravan commons toll without quibbling.

Other caravans leave, guards change, pretty empty during the day. The soldiers at the fort look tough.

Go forage, see a barrow mound across from artificial island. Find a few more mounds further in the forest, creepier, visibly disturbed.

(Joe’s Character) sees into the past and Lothrim Foulspawner desecrating the barrows.

Find out (David’s Character) is a wizard who can make light from a crystal. Use it to enter the possibly desecrated barrow to see if we can find out what Lothrim was after.

Barbarians since came and raided it as well.

Next room is scarier. Creepy intricate drawings, and three caskets sealed with lead. Engravings created by Lothrim via magic, caskets brought in by him.

(Joe) and (David) go to spend the night studying the crypt. Encounter a force of incoming soldiers on the way. Agrikans escorting a woman, order of 8 demons.

Woman goes into hissy-fit, and hexes the commander of the keep. Skarl warns him, but nothing comes of it.

Trobridge to Taztos
Careful lying to a merchant

Join caravan
Caravaner: Master Caliglias of Sleed
30ish, cheap as all.

Caravan staff:

  • Jaquis
  • Semel
  • Churtil

Set out, get accosted by the “Lord of Trobridge”‘s men. They get busy yelling at the inn-keeper’s men, and we continue on.

We enter Tulwyn territory. Fallen tree, Jaquis gets a hoof to the head, unconscious. Fetch honey, cast Alwynn’s Honey, feed it to him. Make a travois and take him along.

Encounter Tulwyn, negotiate passage with a few hatchets.

Reach Taztos.

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